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Effective insulation: Well-installed and well-inspected insulation in floors, walls
and attic spaces.

High-performance windows: Energy-efficient windows help you keep the heat
inside during the winter and outside during the summer. These windows even block
ultraviolet sunlight that can fade your furniture and carpet.

Tight construction and ducts: Sealing up your home and ductwork reduces
moisture and cuts down on drafts, dust, pollen and noise. So in addition to lowering
your utility bills, your indoor air quality is better.

Efficient heating and cooling equipment: A programmable thermostat keeps
the temperature consistent and even inside your home, plus energy-efficient
heating and cooling systems keep your home drier and quieter, while making you
more comfortable. The right equipment simply doesn’t have to work as hard to do
its job.

Duct Sealing: Can provide improved comfort, improved indoor air quality, better
humidity control, lower utility bills and lower equipment cost.

Increased insulation: Can provide improved comfort, improved indoor air quality,
increased construction quality, lower utility bills, improved resale position.
manufacturers offer homes built with such Energy Star® features as increased insulation and low “E”
windows.  Making your home more energy efficient with Energy Star® can help to reduce high energy bills,
improve comfort, and help to protect the environment. Much of the energy we use in our homes often comes
from fossil fuels, which increase smog, acid rain and global warming. So the less energy we use, the better
opportunity we will have to enjoy cleaner air today, and in the future.   If you purchase an energy-efficient
product or renewable energy system for your home, you may be eligible for a
federal tax credit.

An Anacapa Homes "Green Home" that was recently one of the first replacement homes installed in the
Santa Barbara Tea Fire burn area, was featured on a KEYT3 Newscast on September 3, 2009.
Energy Efficient Manufactured and Modular Homes Include:
Creating an effective construction waste management plan
markets for recyclable materials, waste can be reduced by
at least two-thirds, creating potential cost savings and
reducing the burden on landfill space. Factory built
construction processes carefully manage resource usage
and maximize recycling.