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Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we've encountered regarding
manufactured home purchases.  If you have a question regarding the purchase of a new or
send us an email.  We will be more than happy to provide you with assistance.

Modular Homes (def.) - Factory built homes are often called "modular homes" and are
constructed to comply with the Universal Building Codes (UBC Code).

Mobile Homes (def.) - Mobile Homes were constructed to comply with standards enforced
by the State of California prior to June 15, 1976, when the Federal Preemptive HUD Code
became effective.  Mobile homes have not been constructed since that date.

Q. What will my payment be?
A. Your payment will be based on the size of your down payment and the loan amount.

Q. How much do I need to put down?
A. The down payment is based on the age of the home and your credit score.  The down
payment could be as low as 5% and as high as 50% of the purchase price of the home.

Q. Can I get a loan for an older mobile/manufactured home?
A. Yes.  There are loans available for older homes, but your down payment and interest
will be higher and with a shorter term.

Q. What interest rate will I pay?
A. The interest rate will be determined by the age of your home and your FICO score.

Q. What is local property tax based on?  How much will it be?
A.  You will be able to obtain this information from your local Tax Assessor's office.

Ventura County Tax Assessor's Office: (805) 654-2181
Visit the Ventura County Tax Assessor's website

Santa Barbara County Assessor's Office:  (805) 568-2550
Visit the Santa Barbara County Tax Assessor's website

Los Angeles County Assessor's Office: 1-888-807-2111
Visit the Los Angeles County Assessor's website

Q How long will it take before I can move into my new home?
A. Expect 3-4 weeks for production, 3-6 weeks (depending on the weather and local         
inspection process) to receive your Certificate of Occupancy.  Banks are taking somewhat
longer at the moment to process loans, so you must allow for this.  Once the home is set up
and ready for the appraisal, the bank typically takes 2-4 weeks to fund the loan.  With all these
steps taken into consideration it should take approximately 6-8 weeks from start to move-in day.

Q. What loan terms are available for a mobile/manufactured home?
A. 15 to 30 years, depending on the age of the home.

Q. Are reverse mortgages available for mobile/manufactured homes?
A. Yes.  However, your home must be: (a) 1976 or newer (b) on a state-approved permanent
foundation, and (c) on land that you own.

For more information regarding obtaining a reverse mortgage for your manufactured home
visit the
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Website.
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