Manufactured - Modular -
Accessory Dwelling Units
What's the difference?
Most of our floor plans and models can be built to either
modular or manufactured standards depending on
your needs.  Call us today to discuss your unique situation,
and which option is best for you.
Modular Homes are built to the
same codes as site built structures

(title 24)
which includes, Energy
Efficiency Standards of the
State/County/City it is being installed
in.  Modular Homes are built in one or
more sections with floor joist systems
and other structural enhancements
that do not require the extra to
remain part of the structure. The
trailers are only used to transport the
sections to the site. In most cases a
crane is required to set the sections
in place. When the sections are
craned in place the sections are joined
and then close up is completed inside
and out. Once the home is completed,
it is considered to be the same as any
traditional site built home and is
assessed and taxed the same as any
real estate.

A well-built modular building should
have the same longevity as its
site-built counterpart, increasing in
over time.  
Homes built in a factory typically fall
into one of 2 categories, either

homes are built to
Federal HUD code (title 25)
standards on steel I-beams/trailer
with wheels and axles. The wheels
and axles are removed once
delivered to the site but the steel
I-beams/trailer remain as they are
part of structure. Manufactured
homes can be built in one or more
sections. The traditional method of
installation is piers and pads above
grade and sometimes below grade
on a perimeter foundation. Upon
delivery to the job site the sections
are "joined" and close up of the
interior and exterior is completed.
When a Manufactured Home (HUD) is
place on a permanent foundation in a
below grade set there is no
noticeable difference in the
appearance between this home and
site built or Factory/Built Modular
homes if the foundation and exterior
finish is done properly.  
According to the California Department
of Housing, "Accessory Dwelling Units
(ADUs) are known by many names:
granny flats, in-law units, backyard
cottages, secondary units and more. No
matter what you call them, ADUs are an
innovative, affordable, effective option
for adding much-needed housing in

Click here to visit our ADU page for
more information and for a link to
resources from the state of California
on information regarding updated and
existing ADU laws.
Check out our installation videos at the bottom of the page.
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